A Giant in Queens Business Park

A Giant in Queens Business Park

Located in the Queens Business Park sits a giant, an 80,000 sq. ft. giant whose shell alone weighs over 2.4 million pounds. That’s what you get when you install 180 pre-cast concrete wall panels, supported by a sturdy steel structural system to create what will be the future home of Glover International Trucks.

It is perfectly situated on 8.4 acres of land and stares you down with its masculine grey and orange paint tones, clean architectural lines and smooth surface that comes from pre-cast concrete.

It has been an impressive project that Scott Builders was pleased to undertake. “It is always great working with a client [Brad Glover, President and CEO of Glover International Trucks] who has such a clear vision of what they want,” remarked Brent Remyn, Project Manager with Scott Builders. Mr. Glover’s vision and Scott Builders’ In-House Design team has created both a functional and aesthetic facility.

With a 12 month building schedule, Scott Builders broke ground in November 2014. Now anyone in construction knows the challenges that come with building during the winter if you are not already in the ground. Well, as luck would have it, Mother Nature cooperated and the cut/sill was ready in no time and foundation followed.

A new challenge presented itself early in the New Year, something that rarely happens in Alberta: an early spring. Remember the 180 pre-cast concrete wall panels that needed to be delivered? Pretty tricky for low-boy trailers on soft ground with no yard structure down. A collaborative solution came in the form of 200 access mats that allowed the wall system to be delivered.

A structure of this size demands the focus and attention of many parties. The machine needs to be greased to keep it running smoothly. Scheduling of trades can affect the building timeline greatly.  “Clear expectations need to be set at the beginning of any project,” stated David Loades, Site Superintendent. “This creates an environment of respect. I respect what the trades do and they respect my accountability to the client.

Fast forward 6 months and the final stages of construction are being completed a month ahead of time. The success of this project truly comes down to collaboration – team work. Even when challenges occur it’s the team that creates the solution. It’s the team that keeps it on schedule. It’s the team that builds with exceptional quality and efficiency.

“The relationship we have with Glover International Trucks is one we hope will continue for years to come. A partnership like this is built entirely on trust and respect,” commented Hans te Stroete, VP of Business Development at Scott Builders.

One thing is for sure, this pre-cast giant will not only serve Glover International for years to come, its sheer enormity will have a lasting impression in Queens Business Park.