Arena Project Gets a Touch of Art

Arena Project Gets a Touch of Art

The pool of craftsmen talent is deep at Scott Builders; for the last decade and a half, we have secured an extremely diverse workforce. Our self-performed work has included everything from foundations to finishing. Apart from our skilled laborers we employ framers, steel erectors, and (surprisingly) an artisan sculptor.

If you have been to the Innisfail Arena this past fall, you may have seen an eye catching piece of art produced by one of Scott Builders’ employees.

Mounted on the wall inside the new addition for the town’s Sr. Mens AAA Team is a 4’ x 2’ sculpture of, The Eagle’s logo. It was handcrafted by Scott Builders’ own Neil Stokke. “I don’t mind a challenge and I wanted people to ask about the company I work for,” he states matter-of-factly to the question about why he agreed to take on the project. The sculpture itself is an eye-catching feature of the player’s lounge. Seeing the pictures doesn’t really do justice to the craftsmanship. Stokke spent more than 50 hours shaping drywall compound to form the 3D logo.

“I had never done a logo before,” he says, “I started doing drywall sculptures about 20 years ago when I worked for the Regional Hospital. Back in those days, hand textured ceilings were quite popular and I thought I would try to make interesting designs….The first drywall sculpture I did was of a small figure that kinda looked like a cross between me and a hippopotamus. I called it a ‘HE-ME-NOM-I-NOUS!’ I think I’ve still got the thing at home somewhere.”

Stokke hopes that his work inspires people to ask about Scott Builders. “This is the best company I’ve ever worked for,” He explains. “I love to tell stories and I love to work for SBI. Kids these days coming into the industry don’t know what it’s like to work for a company that cares about their employees. It is something very special.” Stokke is passionate as he when he talks about the time he has spent with his employer for the past 3 years, especially when one considers that Neil’s career has spanned nearly 5 decades.

Stokke’s other works can be found in the likes of the Banff Springs Hotel, million dollar homes in Red Deer and numerous hotels in the US that he “can’t remember the names for, it was so long ago.” He is an artisan of the purest form and it shows both in the high care and quality of his work.

It’s not everyday that this brand of pure art gets to be show-cased in the world of commercial construction but Mr. Stokke is one of many master tradesmen at SBI and his care and attention to detail fit very well into our company culture. Not all of the little things that our employees do are as visible as a 4’ eagle mounted to the wall and trimmed in red. However, it does serve as a good example of the passion and skill that goes into each of our projects and is a testament to the high level of talent that we have worked to cultivate at Scott Builders.

Skylar White

Special Projects Manager
Red Deer