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Passive House Unravelled

Debunking the Myths Around Passive House

Join us at the Spring 2019 Breakfast Builder Series

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The Future of Buildings Today

The National Energy Building Code is updating AGAIN!

Justin Pockar - City of Calgary gave futuristic insight to where the construction industry is heading, and what the impacts of these changes will be. With talk around the 2030 Net Zero Challenge, it is time to look ahead and see what the construction industry can learn (in terms of technology, design methodology, and innovation) from industries that drive modernization. Are there ways to intertwine these new applications into the construction industry in order to improve performance, sustainability, and ultimately creating cost reductions?

Go Green Today!

Strategies for Energy Efficiency in Your Building

Learn a variety of strategies that make a lot of ‘green’ sense for your existing building. Learn which initiatives you could invest in and which ones will benefit immediately with payback periods as short as 1 or 2 years. From operations strategies to equipment upgrades, you will gain a better understanding of where to invest your time and money in your building for short and long-term gain.