Fluid Life

Fluid Life

This three storey office complex will be completed in the summer of 2016. Fluid seems to be the name of the game as there have been a few initiatives implemented to keep this project flowing and on schedule.

Last fall the entire site was fully paved as soon as the site services and grade beams were complete. This improved productivity and eliminated down time in the spring. Mud was not tracked into the new building, work is not interrupted with site paving and easy access enticed trades to come to our site first. This resulted in the project scheduled being maintained.

The concrete floor for the 1st level office area and the lab was poured before the building was closed in, last fall.

There is always a risk with the weather during an outdoor concrete pour, we selected a time where the forecast looked optimistic – and needless to say it was. Completing the pour earlier allowed for the substantial amount of mechanical and electrical work in the lab area to continue with minimal interruption.