Major Renovations to Discovery Canyon

Major Renovations to Discovery Canyon

It is mid-August back in the early 90’s and the sun has been beating down on in Red Deer. She has been relentless for the last week. All you want is a little relief. The heat starts to make you impatient which causes you to lash out at your little brother. An easy target of entertainment when you are bored. It starts off as annoying poking and soon escalates to a full on fight equipped with a few smacks and loud yelling. It’s at that point that your mother loses her sanity and screams, “GO GET YOUR SWIMSUITS ON BEFORE I KNOCK YOUR HEADS TOGETHER!” Ceasing your behavior, you reflect on how much pain that caused the last time she did it. Rubbing your head, you quickly hustle to your bedroom where you squeeze into your swimsuit.

Hopping into the 1989 white Chevy Blazer you assume that you are headed to one of the pools in Red Deer, most likely for your mother to drown you. But as fate would have it, you are not. So you gently inquire, and Mom tells you that you are heading to Discovery Canyon. Your eyes widen and a huge smile spreads across your face. Thinking back to your last trip, you recall the long winding rocky stream, the black tire tube that was so hot when you jumped into it, the water splashing in your face, the smell of fries and hot dogs that came from the tiny food shack as you land in the pond at the bottom, and the shrieks of fun and laughter that come from all the children. It was real treat to get to go Discovery Canyon and cool off.

Fast forward 20+ years, now you are the parent and you get to take your little ones to that famous summer spot that you loved so much as a child. However, it is not quite what you remember, and for good reason. It has been over 30 years since it’s had a major renovation. Well this summer Discovery Canyon, part of the Riverbend Golf Recreation area is receiving a complete overhaul.

The need for enhancement of the stream and adjacent park has been on the City of Red Deer’s capital plan for years and it is finally here. The renovation will improve safety and accessibility as well as provide the community and visitors with a high-quality recreation experience for decades to come.

Ray Rogers, Project Manager with Scott Builders (who are doing the construction work), speaks of the project with enthusiasm. “We’re really excited about working at Discovery Canyon on such an interesting project. They have worked with us on prior projects, but not on this scale. The bulk of the work will be done by trades that are based right here, resulting in a win-win situation for the community.”

City of Red Deer’s Parks and Culture Project Specialist, Stephan Lyonnais confirmed that construction is already well on its way and the new facility will be ready to roll for the 2017 season, at which time new memories can be created with the next generation of little ones and their families. Let’s hope the summer is a hot one.