Living Forever

Living Forever

Not long ago we were approached by a past client who indicated that they needed more space to conduct their business. We had built their existing building 18 years ago. At that time, the owners had planted five trees, one Apple and four Colorado blue spruce. As the business grew so did the trees. They became symbolic of all the hours worked, the late nights, early mornings, and the moments missed with the family, all accumulating to a much needed 6,000 sq. ft addition.

Through the design process it became evident that those trees would have to be removed in order to accommodate the needs of the addition. A local Arborist was called in to remove the trees that were in the addition footprint. The Arborist and Site Superintendent overheard the client lament the fact that they were going to lose their trees. It became clear that something had to occur to save them. The sentimental value was priceless to our client.

Through conversations the Site Superintendent and Arborist eventually asked themselves, “What if we could take those trees and build something for the client, essentially allowing the trees to live forever?” At that moment a plan was constructed.

The trees were cut and moved to the Arborist’s shop where he began carving his vision for these trees. The apple tree was converted into a beautiful two toned vase. Fresh orchids filled the vase which were donated by a local florist and when our clients saw it they were overwhelmed. Little did they know that we had more in store for them.

The 4 Colorado blue spruce trees were cut, shaped and dried in a kiln at the Arborist’s shop. There a staff member designed and used the boards to create a one-of-a-kind coffee table. The table is as robust as the coffee it will hold, complete with cabinet space underneath. The table was coated in a chocolate stain to finish off the rustic look. The pieces were so well received that they now live permanently in the home of the client.

This project could not have happened without the help of many partners and we would like to express our honest thanks for all they did to create a wonderful memento for our client.